Raymond Cyrus

Partner & Certified Business Results Coach 

ActionCOACH R&C focuses on community development through business success by utilizing 350+ proven strategies and techniques including test & measure to grow business bottom line.

My commitment is to work with business owners and leaders to strengthen their business health in order for them to survive and thrive in any economic condition.

Bring the business into control and stabilizing operation: Destination MasteryTime Mastery | Money Mastery | Delivery Mastery

Creating predictable cashflow: Lead Generation | Conversion Rate | Number of Transaction | Average $$ Sale | Profit Margin

Systematizing routines toward more productive functions

Working on building a winning team with common goals, rules of the game, and following a plan of action where everyone knows their roles, room to take risk, and strong leadership prioritization, thinking ahead providing 100% involvement and inclusion

Business finishes with an integrated system and highly functional team working seamlessly to produce consistent maximum results

A commercial profitable business that works without the business owner/leader.

Connect with me!

📧 raymondcyrus@actioncoach.com  📱 216.751.1145


Client Testimonials

“If training or coaching is your current business support requirement, then Raymond provided the ability to translate complex issues and present meaningful information appropriately for both Operational Personnel and Sr. Management teams”

Mike Marciano, (Quality Director) – Flavor Quality Products, NJ


“Raymond is an effective coach for many reasons. He is able to draw on many years’ worth or experience in varying industries; often he has encountered a similar challenge before. Raymond is very clear and concise in his feedback detailing concrete actions to take to improve. Raymond possess an ability to help employees participating in a project recognize the larger impact on the organization and feel connected to the larger outcome. Raymond is naturally warm and engaging in his training sessions.” He has taught us to approach all challenges with an open mind and data in hand.”

Alison Rada, (Manufacturing Senior Leader) – Flavor Quality Products, NJ


“Raymond also has a high degree executing his goals in striving to meet his commitments. There were times when we spent long hours brainstorming solutions and strategies to complex issues. He has the ability to quickly grasp and simplify complex issues. He works well with his clients and provides excellent customer service. He is bold and fearless, but politically perceptive.”

Granville Betton, (SVP & CAO) – BioBridge Global, TX